Hidden in plain sight, my work is a conceptual point of departure for accidental beauty. Drawing from nature's elements without vanity, twigs, roots, fallen leaves melting snow, and atmospheres, small differences magnify in my mind into delicate simplicities.

For me, absorbing nature is a way of reaching the ungraspable; the imperfect and mundane emerge with a magical aspect. By immersing myself in the intricacy and depth of what is overlooked, my memory and experiences are informed.

The work slips between painting and drawing. A seasonal palette with traces and layers of medium allow visible colors to act in unanticipated ways. Whites are an essential component for the work-the sum of all colors-a color that is the manifestation of light.  It's application provides a matrix out of which the world of color becomes. Chance and transparency are key mediums. Gesture is internal. Stability and balance are achieved by absence.
Composition arrives as an ongoing process of addition and subtraction, often using a simple reversal of object and subject.  Mediums are freely mixed, hinting at what we see and what is ever changing. Visually catching something only once opens a pathway for working in series. 

 I think of my work as floating sentences in nature isolating its most physical presence, a glimpse, a glance, an awareness of what is momentary; fading hints of what we see- reminding us how rare it is, what we remember.